Independent Senior Living

Many people, as they age, still want to live independently but enjoy having access to assistance when needed.

It is never too early for you to talk to your parent about what they want for their future.

There is a 40-70 rule which is good to live by, which means that when parents are about the age of 70 and their children are about 40 it is a good time to start talking to them about what comes next and what they want to happen.

When Caregiving becomes the norm

When we reach the age of 65 years or older, there is a 68% chance that we will become disabled in 1-2 activities of daily living. Some of these include eating, bathing, toileting, changing clothes, medication reminders, driving, etc.

There are plenty of choices that can be discussed among you and your family. You could personally do the caregiving, bring in a caregiver from an agency, or you could take them to an assisted living facility. No matter what you choose, it is what’s best for your senior family member.

When this starts to happen, many children feel that it is their responsibility to step in and take care of everything. This thought comes from the right place. Over time though, it can start to be strenuous on the relationship of the parent and child and start to majorly impact your personal life.

The work is real

A lot more work then we realize goes into taking care of another human being, and that’s okay. You should never feel ashamed to ask for help.

Statistically 2/3 (66%) senior family members solely get help from someone in their own family. Sometimes you need some extra help or maybe you just need a break, and that’s where outside caregivers come in handy. This is called Respite Care.

With Respite Care, Caregivers come in and they provide tasks that are hard for you to accomplish. A caregiver can also simply give you a break. This can allow you to go out and do things you have needed to get done.

Often you really want to be the one to take care of your senior family member, but you have work or just can’t create the time needed to care for someone else.

A choice to consider

A great choice can often be a caregiver because they come into your home while you’re at work and assist your loved one with these tasks. Then, when you come home they are all ready for bed. Now you get to enjoy the relaxing part of hanging out with your parents.

Set yourself up to enjoy moments that mean the most with your parents. You’ll see the relationship grow even with the challenges.