How quickly can I start?

Our service is just a phone call away. Call us at 208-944-9650 and we will schedule an appointment with one of Care Coordinators. Call for a free in home consultation. Most times we can be out the next day!

My parent wishes to stay home, but I am unsure?

Many of us have parents who wish to age in their own home. You may worry about your loved one aging in their home, but studies show that a Senior who stays at home typically lives longer, is happier and feels more engaged in their days.

Utilizing Peak Moments helps ensure that your loved one enjoys their days and has a connection for safety, friendship and peace of mind. Give your loved one a gift that means better living while giving peace of mind they have the attention they need to live an abundant life.

Will I get the Same Caregiver every time?

We can’t guarantee your caregiver will always be available, but we will make every effort to have the same caregiver for every visit.   We may occasionally introduce a new caregiver so you are familiar with available substitutes.   This way they can also become familiar with your loved ones needs and with whom you’ll feel comfortable.

What if my loved one doesn’t like the caregiver?

We offer a Match Guarantee. If for any reason, after your first 3 hour visit you feel the Caregiver is not a match, we will apply a 3 hour credit to the next caregiver visit. Any time you feel uncomfortable continuing service with your Caregiver, just let us know. Your happiness is the most important thing.