Our Story

  • A group of Caregivers started this business born from the desire to offer great experiences for Seniors while giving Caregivers a better quality of life and career experience. We feel there is a better way to serve both the Care Giver and the Senior Family Member. Using technology to improve communication, reduce the amount of in-house staff and lower the amount of office cost, we set a goal to pay our Care-Givers approximately $2.50 more per hour than the average caregiver in the community. This gives our Caregivers a better opportunity to improve their lives while improving the lives of our Senior Family Members. You’ll notice the difference in a Peak Moment Caregiver.
  • Peak Moments was founded on the mission of creating well…. Peak Moments. Rather than focus solely only on the completion of task, our Caregivers strive to go beyond that and develop meaningful relationships.
  • Being our Authentic Selves and keeping our commitments are the mainstays to developing the trust needed for relationships.
  • To be successful in our mission we know we need the best of the best in Caregivers. To attract and retain the best Caregivers, Peak Moments is committed to:
    1. The Highest compensation in the industry (typically $2.50 more per hour than the average Caregiver position in the same community)
    2. Employee Ownership Program - We are committed to being 100% Employee Owned. Our Team Members begin to receive shares of the Company after nine months and 1000 Hours.
    3. When we walk into a Senior Family Members door we walk into their world and are there for them.