Why are Peak Moment Caregivers different?

  • It’s in our name Peak Moments. We focus on building Peak Moments with our Senior Family members. Other Agency Caregivers focus on the Task – We look for ways to create Peak Moments while taking care of daily needs.
  • Peak Moment’s Caregivers are shareholders – 100% Employee Owned
  • Peak Moments pays their Caregivers more. Caregivers report that Peak Moments hourly pay is approximately 25% higher than other Senior Care Agencies.
  • Character first – Skills Second. Our Caregivers have many different backgrounds, but what matters most is Character. Skills can always be trained, but getting the person with the right integrity, passion and energy is harder to come by. This is why we feel it is important to offer Caregivers one of the best compensation programs in the industry. High Reward for their family inevitably shows up in the experience they provide for your loved ones.

We believe when Seniors are with us, they are family.

We believe that Seniors would rather not be “Clients”. The word “client” does not adequately describe the relationship we feel most Seniors want. For that reason, Seniors who become a Member of the Peak Moments Family are called by first name or referred to as a “Senior Family Member”.

Seniors have a life story that includes Joy, hardships, growth, sadness, and hope. We want to be the ones who remind them of the whole person that they are and the respect and joy they should continue to have in their life.

We believe the way to a balanced and healthy life is to have Peak Moments. These are moments that are memorable and build Joy. Our goal is to build memorable moments with our Senior Family Members.